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Cessna's New Citation Hemisphere Jet

Cessna Citation Hemisphere

Just recently Cessna(Textron Aviation) has announced the launch of a brand new private jet model to their family, The Citation Hemisphere. It is a long range style of aircraft (4,500nm) which is something that Cessna has been looking to put out for quite some time now. This would make it the largest aircraft available from Textron in the Citation family. The last time they attempted to make an aircraft with a similar size and range was back in 2009. Although due to the global economic state, they were forced to cancel the project for the time being. Fast forward to now, and they are ready to start production on another long range aircraft to be released sometime in 2019.

Cessna has been fairly quiet about the specifications although they do note that it will seat 12 passengers, their cabin will be slightly wider than the Gulfstream G650 (102 inches in diameter) and it’s top speed is set to be around Mach 0.9. Plus, they will be using dual Snecma Silvercrest engines which provide approximately 7,000 pounds of thrust each. Estimated price for the Hemisphere is somewhere around $30-$35 million dollars.

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